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"Spiritual Warfare 2023 Part III"
May 7, 2023

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Pastor Sam's Sermons

April 23: "Spiritual Warfare Part II" (Click Here)

April 23: "Spiritual Warfare Part I" (Click Here)

April 16: "Walk in the Light" (Click Here)

April 9: "Because He Lives" (Click Here)

April 2: "Jesus in the Passover" (Click Here)

March 26: "One Anothering" (Click Here)

March 12: "The Mystery of Messiah" (Click Here)

March 5: "The Gospel of Purim" (Click Here)

February 19: "Walking Through Ephesians Part IV" (Click Here)

February 5: "Walking Through Ephesians Part III" (Click Here)

January 29: "Walking Through Ephesians Part II" (Click Here)
January 22: "Walking Through Ephesians Part I" (Click Here)
December 24-25: A Great Light (Click Here)

November 27, 2022: Faith with Thanksgiving (Click Here)
November 20, 2022: The Game of Life: Righteousness (
Click Here)
November 6, 2022: Freddy Richardson Tradition? (Click Here)
October 30, 2022: Freddy Richardson Does the Bible Contradict Itself? (
Click Here)
October 23, 2022: The Signs of the Times III (Click Here)
October 16, 2022: The Signs of the Times II (
Click Here)
October 9, 2022: The Signs of the Times  (Click Here)
October 2, 2022: The Gospel According to Isaiah  (
Click Here)
September 25, 2022: The Body of Crist  (Click Here)
September 18, 2022: The Power of Love (
Click Here)
September 4, 2022: The Power of Hope (Click Here)
August 28, 2022: The Power of Faith (
Click Here)
August 21, 2022: The Kingdom of God (Click Here)
August 14, 2022: Victory in Jesus III - Spiritual Warfare (Coming soon)
August 7, 2022: Victory in Jesus II (Click Here)

July 31, 2022: Victory in Jesus I (Click Here)

July 24, 2022: Reaping the Fruit of the Spirit (Click Here)
July 17, 2022: The Joy of Walking in the Spirit Part 3 (Click Here)
July 10, 2022: The Joy of Walking in the Spirit Part 2 (Click Here)
July 3, 2022: "Wake Up America" (Click Here)
June 26, 2022: "The Joy of Walking in the Spirit - Part 1" (Click Here)
June 19, 2022: "The Gift Promised by the Father" (Click Here)
June 12, 2022: "The Holy Spirit and New Birth" (Click Here)
June 5, 2022: "Biblical Feasts as Foreshadows of Jesus" (Click Here)

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